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Offering sessions in-person in New Brighton and virtual in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or out-state Minnesota! 

In individual psychotherapy, I like to say, "no topic is off the table." What you remember from previous sessions, dreams, what you experience in your body when you talk about different things, gender, sex, religion, and coping skills are just a few examples. I work from a systemic lens, which means I will ask about the relationships in your life, including the relationship between you and me. We might invite people from your life to attend sessions with you if that would facilitate your healing. 


In premarital therapy, I will provide an online assessment tool (individual questionnaire for you and your fiancé to complete separately. This will assess main areas of your relationship including values, trust, conflict, intimacy, and friendship. When this inventory and at least 12 hours of premarital counseling are completed, a statement will be provided to you. When you bring this statement with you to apply for a marriage license in Minnesota, you will save $75!

Couples and Partners

In couple and partner therapy, I work from a Gottman and emotionally-focused lens. I will ask you to have conversations like you would at home, in my presence. I might pause you or ask you to repeat something that you heard your partner say. I will help facilitate connection, understanding, and healing. I will not "take sides" and I will not keep secrets from your partner. I will not decide for you if you should stay together or separate, but I will encourage you both to make those decisions. We can work on building your life together, or creating a healthy separation, divorce, and/or co-parenting relationship. 

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For family therapy, I will strongly encourage the entire family to participate. I will strive to get to know everyone's perspective of what happens in the family. I will encourage conversations between family members in my presence and get input from other family members about what they're hearing or experiencing. I will encourage you to play together and connect in other meaningful ways as a family outside of my office. I might bring to light "family rules" that are helpful and unhelpful. It is very rare that I would speak with a family member individually. 

Professional Consultation

I provide professional, peer-consultation to licensed and pre-licensed mental health professionals as well as Registered Dietitians who are interested in growing their knowledge on how to be eating disorder-wise and trauma-informed providers. Peers can present cases for feedback, insight, and education. 

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