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Emileah Most, MS, LMFT, Clinical Director

About Emileah Most, MS, LMFT (she/her)

My Philosophy

I believe integration (creating 'whole-ness') is significant in the healing process. I believe there are many parts that make up one person: the inner child, the critic, the wounds, the playful, the dreamer, the insecure, the lovely, the courageous, the history, the future, the body, mind, soul, spirit. When we incorporate these separate parts in a harmonious manner, we can decrease anxiety. This is true for couples and families, too. I want to invite healing by helping others identify how they can honor differences in a way that feels supportive and functional. 

My Style

I work from a trauma-focused, systemic, feminist, emotionally-focused, and attachment lens. I am not a bobble-head that will nod along to anything you say and just keep asking you, "and how does that make you feel?" I'm engaged, I'm funny, and I'm direct. I'm kinda like hard candy. I'm sweet and I can deliver challenging things when needed. 

My Education and Training 

I graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2014 with a major in Psychological Science and a minor in Dance. During my time at Gustavus, I studied abroad in Costa Rica and Perú. After I graduated, I worked at a residential eating disorder clinic in the twin cities. Then, I pursued a Master's of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from St. Cloud State University. I returned to work at the eating disorder clinic at various levels of care (residential, PHP, outpatient). I am licensed in MN (#3900) and have my own private practice. My 2020-2021 continuing education credits have pertained to perinatal mood disorders, sex, desire, and attachment, cultural responsiveness in a time of social unrest, ethics and telehealth and many more. 

Emileah Outside of the Therapy Office

I am a creative, grounded, and vibrant individual. I am married to a wonderful man and have two young children. I like hiking, camping/backpacking, cats, knitting, nachos, ice cream, the show 'New Girl', board and card games (cribbage!). If you're familiar with personality inventories, I am an ENFP on the Meyers-Briggs and an Enneagram Type 7. 

Embrace Healing Therapy Center, LLC

The word embrace means 'to hold.' This can be physical, like a hug, or it can be an opportunity to experience an idea, perspective, or emotion. A way I support my clients is by "holding space" for them to embody their healing experience. "Therapy" comes from the Greek word that means, "to heal". Here at Embrace Healing Therapy Center, I invite you to embrace it all: the messy, uncertain, joyful, hopeful, and dynamic situations and relationships along your life path. 

Earlier in my career, I thought owning my own private practice was something that was too out of reach. Sheltering-in-place (remember that?!) as a pregnant person actually created the perfect atmosphere to make my dream a reality! I fell in love with being a mom and wanted a job where I could have a flexible schedule, but not put aside my first career I had worked hard to earn. 

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